I love Windows 10. I really do. 

I’m a huge Operating System fanboy from OS X to Linux to Windows. So it is with a heavy heart that I write this warning people against doing the upgrade.

Windows 10 has been available to some of my clients for only a few hours now and the success rate of the upgrade is appalling. I’ve talked a few teachers through restarting their PC and restoring the previous build and luckily that has saved the day! Breath of relief!

Sure, Technical Experts can turn around and say teachers shouldn’t be upgrading or changing anything on their laptops, etc… etc… but the reality is… people click on things. Especially when Microsoft have been politely nudging us all to reserve our free copy of Windows 10 for the past few months. Mixed feels on this one guys.

I said to myself: “I love Microsoft, surely they’ve tested this upgrade process on hundreds of different PC builds? Surely all the Windows 10 preview copies provided feedback, hardware/software likes and dislikes, performance issues, etc…”

So I went on to run the upgrade on my own laptop. Have a little faith. The upgrade was quick and painless. To borrow an Apple users quote… “it just worked”… until I tried to log in. Then. Blue Screen of Death Blue Screen of Sad Face. Grump.

As an engineer I know that Windows operating system upgrades aren’t the best approach. Clean installs FTW! Every…time. But I was hoping that Microsoft had taken a page from Apple’s book and fixed their OS upgrading issues. Doesn’t seem like it… yet. Hang in there guys, you can do it! I know that some… SOME… people have had no problems at all upgrading, to which I say “Good on ya. I’m glad some people are having a good time. Yay.”

I’m still super excited to do a clean install of Windows 10. Like REALLY excited! Windows 10 is such a great operating system.

I’m not against Windows 10, just the upgrading process. On my laptop, I restored my Win 8.1 build and I’m giving the upgrade process another go. Except this time I’ve taken some drastic steps:

  • I’ve uninstalled a few programs
  • I’ve removed all my startup apps from the registry, msconfig and Startup tab in Task Manager
  • Uninstall my video card drivers (Intel and AMD)

I’ve done this to see if Windows 10 gave me the Blue Screen Of Sad Face because of incompatible software or if it just doesn’t work….yet.

Here’s hoping.